Kemer Scuba Diving

In addition, they can join Kemer yacht tour on the same boat by joining our family as a companion along with the guest who goes to the diving. Accompanying fee 35 € adult 17,5 € 06-12 years

Diving,water in ther world with the curiosity of all people should do without spending time with fun and is an action sport.This action of water under the heaveb you will meet with the world.Thus,another dimension of the world belongs to us to know that and find the opportunity to expand our horizons.Trial dives deep blueof the vast depht and introduce new faces to the draw.Kemer the  Mediterranean sea diving in the important point of water under the mysterious and unique beauty you can enjoy the privilege to discover.Diving,that owns the equipment,experienced instructors and dive more than 25 years of experience in the Aegean and the Mediterranean,the countries in the most careful dive center amazing beauty of the underwater world who want discover customers of diving,dive training to provide services.

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